The company

What we do

We are a company that works both with B2B and B2C, and as a private lender we only work through qualified financial intermediaries who specialize in private mortgage loans. Thanks to this strategy we are able to provide an agile response throughout the country.


Private mortgages

Private mortgage loan with principal repayments over the life of the loan, the most stable product.

We provide loans for the following purposes: Debt consolidation, Renovation loans, Self-employed loans, Business loans, Inheritance loans, Loans for foreclosures and auctions, Loans for private capital.

Tamarindo Vector is a non-bank alternative financing mortgage portfolio, a source of liquidity that operates a wholesale model through financial intermediaries.

If you wish to apply for a loan, please contact your nearest financial intermediary.

If you are a broker or credit intermediary do not hesitate to contact us to get to know our broker conditions.

Our underwriting criteria

All our financial products must be secured by collateral of up to 45% LTV and the underlying assets must be marketable and available to borrowers. As guarantee, we accept private credit guarantees for residential, commercial, industrial and land properties, depending on the circumstances and performance of the borrower.

Our risk criteria

Our investment approach is based on liquidity, so we require borrowers to have good credit and we require consistent payments throughout the term of the loan. We do not look at term or balloon financing transactions, nor do we look at discounted or retained interest financings. If you have unusual financing offers or simulations of them, don't ask us, we're not interested, we won't do it.

Our partners

Tamarindo Vector is managed :

by a professional mortgage broker ATLAN ADVANCE MANAGEMENT

ATLAN offers clients and investors financing and real estate assets in Spain through portfolio management and administration, management services, legal support, securitisation services and asset management.

By management company Exelade

Exelade are professionals in legal, tax and business management. They advise and represent Spanish companies and foreign investors at local, national and international level.

A legal team of Indiano Abogados

Indiano Abogados is a professional law firm founded by Carlos Indiano, a lawyer with extensive experience who for 15 years and until the foundation of Indiano Abogados developed his professional career in the legal and risk recovery departments of important financial institutions.

If you are a mortgage broker, direct lending or private equity professional, please contact us to find out more about our broker policy.

Other partners

  • Blanco de España
  • Sepblanc
  • Exelade

Company information

Tamarindo Vector S.L.

NIF/CIF: B67360305

CNAE: 6492 - “Otras actividades crediticias”

Telephone: (00 34) 935 453 883

Email: [email protected]

Address: PASEO GRACIA, 95 - P.5 PTA. 1

Bank of Spain Coding Number: D123